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Google Photos stop syncing with Google Drive from July

Google Photos

Having a Gmail account gives you access to all services offered by Google which also offer us a perfect synchronization, such as Google Drive, where we have 15 GB available for free, Google Photos with unlimited space to store our photographs and videos in high quality to mention the most important and completely free for all users.

The relationship between Google Drive and Google Photos seems to be about to break. Currently we can see the images of Google Photos through our Google Drive account, although the company removed the shortcut it offered us in January 2018. But it seems that Google has new plans to end the relationship so beneficial for the Username.

In the Google Photos application code, the Android Police guys have found two new lines of code in which we can read that As of July, Google Photos will stop syncing photos with Google Drive, further affirming that all images and videos will be safe in Google Photos. This message will be displayed weeks or days before removing this function, we still do not know when the official announcement will be made.

The other line of code indicates that Your Google Photos folder (available in Google Drive) is no longer synchronized with Google Photos. Again it informs us that all the content available in Google Photos is protected. This last message will be displayed when Google stops allowing synchronization between both platforms.

Google Photos Google Drive

It is unfortunate. to see how the integration between both platforms disappears, since many users prefer to work directly from Drive than with Google Photos since it allows us to rename files, move them to other locations …

Thanks to this integration, we could download all our content stored in Drive to our device as we have previously classified. If we have activated the option of synchronization of Google Photos with Drive, in our Google Drive account we will find a folder called Google Photos, where we have access to all available images classified by years.

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