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Google Pay now allows mobile payments using facial recognition

google pay allows mobile payments with facial recognition

Believe it or not, Android has many biometric authentication beyond the fingerprint reader. The problem is that, being the fingerprint reader an already standard feature and very common in today's phones, it is the only one compatible with the vast majority of applications. However, Google is already working to add other biometric methods in its apps.

Facial recognition is another authentication quite common today, but most smartphones do not have the necessary technology to use it properly. With a simple selfie camera it is easy to confuse the facial recognition of mobile phones, so it is not a very secure authentication. However, the newly launched Pixel 4 from Google has what it takes to offer a facial recognition secure enough to make mobile payments. Therefore, Google has just added this feature to Google Pay.

It is already possible to use Google Pay to pay with facial recognition, but only in Pixel 4

Surprisingly, Google Pay is the first Google application of this type that allows authentication with facial recognition. This is mainly due to the fact that most Google applications use your Google account for authentication, in which you have already logged in if you have an Android mobile.

Unfortunately, using Google Pay to make mobile payments with facial recognition for now is only available for Pixels 4. So, if you have the last Google terminal, You can already make a payment just by looking at your phone. The application will detect your face in detail and verify if you really are not the person who is making the payment. Once the app recognizes your face, the payment will be made immediately.

How to activate Google Pay facial recognition to make mobile payments

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You must first go to the Google Play Store and update the application. Then, enter the Google Pay settings and enter the money delivery settings. Ah see the option Use biometric method What should you activate And voila, you can now make mobile payments just by seeing the phone.

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Soon more applications will be compatible with facial recognition

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Google is struggling for developers to implement facial recognition in their apps as an alternative to the fingerprint reader to start session. In fact, Google is already demanding all developers to use the BiometricPrompt API (for facial recognition) in their app updates that arrive after November 1, 2019.

Therefore, in the coming months we will see more and more apps that, like Google Pay, will be compatible with facial recognition. Great!

Source | AndroidCentral

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