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Google Calendar enters a select group of the most downloaded applications

Google Calendar

Google offers us a series of applications that we can install on our devices, applications that usually usually come first hand from the Pixel. Chrome, Contacts, Translator, Google Home, Google … even an application to manage the calendar puts at our disposal.

Precisely this last application Google Calendar has just exceeded 1,000 million downloads, a number that very few applications have achieved and among which we can find many of Google, in addition to Facebook, WhatsApp … For a few days, in the details of the application we can see how it has reached that figure.

But before, he had to overcome another difficult figure: 500 million to download. Google Calendar exceeded 500 million downloads in February 2018, so it only took more than a year to get another 500 million users to download One of the best applications to manage our calendar.

In the Play Store, unlike the Apple App Store, we can find a large number of Google applications of all kinds as I mentioned above, most of them are so good that developers They don't bother trying to compete with the search giant.

The alternatives to Google Calendar are very few

In the App Store, the opposite happens. Mail, Calendar and Reminders are three applications that Apple includes in all terminals, but they have a large number of deficiencies in terms of functions and despite the passing of the years, Apple seems not willing to spend its time improving it

This has allowed third-party applications such as Calendars 5 or Fantastical 2 are the best calendar applications available in the App Store, applications that are not exactly cheap since they are priced at 7.99 euros.

If it is true that in the Play Store we have at our disposal different alternatives to the Google Calendar, most of them, if not all, They offer us the same features as Google, and in many cases, you have to pay.

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