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Four Android Apps to send money to other countries

Android money

Many people use your Android smartphone to make payments or send money, for which we have a good selection of applications available. Although it is possible that on some occasion you want to send money to a person who lives abroad. This is something that we must do carefully, since it is possible that there are apps that charge us money for it. Luckily, there are others that give us many possibilities in this regard.

Then we leave you with a series of applications that we can use to send money to other countries easily using our Android phone. Thus, if it is something you do with a certain frequency, it can be much simpler in this way.


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It is the best known Android application in this field. An app with which to make payments, send money and that for some time has a renewed design. This is the best application we can use in this regard. It stands out for being very safe, in addition to being easy to use. To send money to another person, we just need you to have an account in the app and use your email address. This way, that person can get the money, which he can then transfer to his account if he wants. Best of all is the absence of commissions when using it, which makes it a great option. In addition to its speed.

The download of this application is completely free. In addition, inside we have neither purchases nor advertisements of any kind.


Secondly we find this application, which may sound like many of you. It is presented as one of the best applications in this field. Its objective is that money transfers are as simple, transparent and cheap as possible. In addition, they have a couple of aspects that makes it very complete. On the one hand, we have no minimum transfer limit, which undoubtedly allows us to send the amount we consider necessary. In addition, their commissions are much lower than those of banks. That is why it is the most complete app in this regard. It is compatible with payment platforms such as Apple Pay.

Downloading the application on Android is free. Inside it we have neither purchases nor advertisements of any kind.

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World remit

Thirdly we find this application, which is another of the best known in this field of sending money internationally. It has a presence in more than 120 countries around the world. So it will work for almost all users. It offers very low rates, especially when compared to banks, for example, which allows you to save money on these processes easily. In addition, you also have the possibility to collect the money in cash, if so requested. It is presented as a good app, with a simple interface to use.