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Features and price of this HiFi compatible USB cable

More and more are looking for accessories that make the most of the options offered by their mobile devices. An example of what is possible to achieve is Ztella, a HiFi compatible USB cable It offers excellent quality and, in addition, its price is the most striking. We show how interesting this device offers.

We are already more than accustomed to the fact that the image quality offered on mobile devices is very high, there are even models that have 4K screens. But as far as sound is concerned, the steps that have been taken are not precisely definitive and that there are devices that offer HiFi quality – but the accessories that users have fail to take advantage of this. Well, if you want to take a step in this section, one of the options that exists is Ztella, and its attractive It is due to different reasons.

Cable USB cable compatible with HiFi Ztella

The most important of the HiFi Ztella compatible USB cable

And how does this get the product we are talking about? Well the first thing is that the USB connection that integrates is digital, which is already a very important qualitative leap compared to other market models. This, for example, allows sampling frequencies of up to 384 kHz with a depth of 32 bits to be achieved, which is eight times better than what CDs offer. Also, inside this product a DAC is included which prevents the work has to be done in the sound source itself, something little seen to date.

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Another of the excellent features of this HiFi compatible USB cable is that it allows a 1-bit DSD encoding of up to 5.6 MHz, which reduces the amount of work that is necessary for the sound to be of quality and, therefore, , no loss in the times of reproduction. By the way, this device is the smallest model on the market that includes an authenticated MQA file, which ensures full compatibility with developments such as Tidal. A detail regarding the sound quality is that it offers a 120 dB noise reduction, which ensures great definition.

Other details of this interesting cable

One of them is that it is possible connect virtually any headset to the cable we are talking about, without losing functionalities such as hands-free, since the integrated buttons continue to work. Even, Ztella is able to detect the model that is connected and adapt so that the sound quality is the best possible (with an output of up to 2V RMS type, which doubles that offered by current mobile devices). By the way, that the HiFi compatible USB cable is includes an LED of information that allows to know how it is the work that it carries out at all times.

USB cable design compatible with HiFi Ztella

The connector offered by the accessory we are talking about is USB type C (a type A adapter is included if necessary) and the compatibility is very high, since it can be used in devices iOS, Android and also on Windows and macOS computers. If you wonder about the size it has, there is also good news since its dimensions are 11 centimeters and the weight of only five grams, with a finish in aluminum on the connectors and nylon on the body of the device.

Buy the HiFi Ztella compatible USB cable

If you are interested in this product, to be sent in December 2019, you should know that you have already obtained financing in Kickstarter and, therefore, it is completely safe to invest. How much to pay to buy it? Well, the truth is that it is very low since it simply costs 36 euros. Without a doubt, an excellent accessory for music lovers of great quality.