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Features and price of this battery with great load

Not all external batteries can be used with laptops either because of the internal load they have or because of the connectivity it offers. An example of which s is possible to use with this type of computers is the new model Lenovo Thinkplus, which offers interesting news to increase its usefulness.

Finished in black or red polycarbonate, this accessory reduces its dimensions so that it can be transported more easily. Of course, for that reason it does not lose options that are important, such as an integrated button that when pressed it illuminates some LEDs that indicate the amount of charge that the external battery has left. If there is something that this device stands out for, it is because of the wide compatibility it offers, since part of the laptops phones and tablets can be used without problem. The reason is that the ports it offers are USB type C and type A (of these three are integrated), and all of them can be given use simultaneously.

Lenovo Thinkplus external battery colors

The best cheap external batteries you can find on Amazon

One of the novelties offered by the new Power Bank that we are talking about is that the power output power is increased without thereby putting the stability of the device at risk (or the one connected to it). So, they are 50 W The ones you can use the most, and it is compatible with technology fast charge such as Quick Charge (in versions 2.0 and 3.0) and also PD 2.0 – this is quite common in some laptops. According to the manufacturer, protection technology against high temperatures is included; short circuit and also for high voltage to be a problem.

Lenovo Thinkplus external battery connections

Lenovo Thinkplus, ample charge and an attractive price

In this type of devices, a key feature is the internal load they offer since it depends on the type of devices they can help and, also, how many times. In the case of which we speak the one that is offered is of 14,000 mAh, so if you have a smartphone of four thousand it is possible to complete more than three times the filling of the battery. In laptops, depending on the model, you can achieve up to a full cycle (since the measure in this case is 48 Wh). That is, the utility is more than assured.

"Lenovo "Lenovo

The reservation of this Lenovo Thinkplus external battery can already be made in China, with a shipment to begin in the month of November 2019, and the truth is that it offers options that make this accessory quite attractive. In what has to do with the price, the model that includes USB Type-C port, which is the most interesting, costs 299 yuan, which in turn remains in about 38 euros, while the variant with the proprietary Slim Tip connection of the Asian company, amounts to 51 if it is the one needed. The truth is that nothing is bad competition for the models offered by Xiaomi.