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Dubai bet to fight crime

Google Glass goes beyond being electronic devices such as a smartphone, a tablet or a smart watch. The possibilities of using this gadget are expanding every time in more fields and it is not only medicine that could benefit from them but also our safety.

At least that is the plan of the Dubai police, which plans to equip its officers with Google Glass devices to help them fight crime using facial recognition technology.

The wearable, capable of taking photos, recording video and playing sound, is equipped with software developed by the Dubai police, which is connected to the database of people who are wanted for some crime. Once the device recognizes the suspect, the officer using the Google Glass will be alerted.

However, the use of gafasser implemented in two phases. In the first one, the device will be used to combat human trafficking and to identify suspicious vehicles related to traffic offenses. In the second phase the technology will be provided to the detectives.

Although the implementation of a technology like this can be quite expensive, the Dubai police are known for not sparing expenses. Last year, the Emirate announced nothing more and nothing less than the purchase of several Lamborghini patrols to use them in most of the tourist places of the city, a luxury that can not give most of the passes.