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Dreams support will be able to continue much further from the launch of PS5, says the developer

Media Molecule wants to be in this long term.

Dreams It is now in early access, but the potential to build things within it is very impressive. One imagines that when it eventually leaves the access early, there will be more functions on the way. But when that is in the air since nothing has been said about it, which means we may be on our way to the PS5 by the time the full game is released. But that should not be a problem, since the developer Media Molecule is analyzing this in the long term.

In a VG24 / 7 interview, Daniel Kidney and Liam de Valmency of Media Molecule talked about various aspects of the game. When asked about the next-generation hardware and how it has impacted development, as well as if there is any concrete plan for the new set of features of that system, De Valmency shrugged, instead of saying that they are focusing in the characteristics that they want to contribute to the game and that they plan to support for a long time with a community that they hope to build, adding things with the new hardware as it arrives.

"When I think about Dreams, it's like, we have this huge list of features we want to see, "says de Valmency. I think that with any creative tool, everyone has their own agenda for what they really want to do, so everyone has their own agenda for what they want. see in it.We have all this accumulation of interesting functions that we have only tried, or have failed to polish, or have not yet analyzed.You know, new tools, we want to make new tutorials, new ways of teaching people, new ways of share things, new characteristics of the community. "

This coincides quite well with Sony's previous statements, which have said they have a plan of a decade for the creator of the game. It is certainly an interesting experiment, regardless of what you think about it. For now, however, waiting for the full release of the game sometime in the future.