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automatic downloads and videos and multiple accounts

Telegram has updated its application for mobiles and computers now allowing some of the tasks that required our action to be performed automatically. Specifically, there will be two that work like this, to download content and play videos.

Videos that play alone

From now on when we are watching a chat and in it there is a video we can watch it play automatically. It will do so without sound, similar to what happens in other social networks. If we want to activate the voice or music that we have, we simply have to press the volume button of our device.

Automatic downloads

The downloads that will now be automatic have also been changed although they will change the size depending on whether we use a mobile network or are connected to a Wifi.

This function can also be filtered by type of content as well as by size, being able to set limits for not downloading files that are too heavy.

Multiple accounts

For those who use Telegram with several accounts at the same time the company has thought of a new function. Thanks to her we can use up to three simultaneously in the official client, being able to switch between them in a simple way.

The notifications will work for all at the same time depending on how we have adjusted them and we can take a quick look at the chats of each account simply by pressing and holding your finger on each of them on the side button.

Next to this option there is a novelty in the logout menu, which will now give us more options in case what we want to do does not necessarily require us to leave Telegram.

The new version of the application has already arrived at the Google Play Store so if you want to use its new features you just have to update it.