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Asus Transformer Pad Infinity, tablet with dock and Tegra 4 for a spectacular screen

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity, tablet con dock y Tegra 4 para una pantalla espectacular

And we continue with the announcements by Asus, a company that is taking the leading role during this day. And it is not for less, because all the devices you are presenting have some particular element that makes them interesting, be it the choice of the processor, the stylus, or other things. In the case of the model we present now, the Transformer Pad Infinity, without a doubt, the part that will speak the most will be your screen, although it also has other interesting parts.

The Asus Transformer Pad Infinity It has a spectacular 10.1-inch IPS screen, with a resolution of 2560 × 1600. A figure that removes the hiccups, and that is among the best in the market. We do not even want to imagine the image quality, although it is useless to have a large screen if the rest of the hardware is not up to par. Asus knows that, and that's why everything is governed by the new Nvidia Tegra 4 chipset. The quad-core processor runs at 1.9 Ghz. The manufacturer ensures that, through the included HDMI connection, the tablet can display video in 4k, the last shout in extreme resolutions that already has a lot of support among the manufacturers of televisions and monitors. The set is completed with 2GB of RAM.

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<p>With regard to the rest of the features, the connections do not remain lame, with<strong> a USB 3.0 port that allows much higher speeds</strong> to those of USB 2.0, although its use is not yet ingrained. It has 32 GB of internal storage, expandable with an SD card. The cameras are 5MP for the rear, and 1.2 MP for the front. But we could not call Transformer this tablet if it did not have a dock, of course. As usual,<strong> the dock has a keyboard and trackpad</strong>, it is connected by inserts at the bottom, and has its own battery that will extend the life of the device.</p>
<p>The <strong>Transformer Pad Infinity</strong> it will come out this fall, and <strong>According to an Asus representative it will cost $ 399</strong> ($ 499 if we buy it with the dock), a very attractive price considering its power and, above all, its screen.</p>
<p>Source | The verge</p>