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Apple warns iPhone 5 owners to update their software

iphone 5 update

We are not sure how many people still use an iPhone 5, but the fact that Apple feels obliged to send alerts directly to the owners of this phone, asking them to perform a software update, suggests that a good number of people still use the device.

If you have one of these phones, you may wonder why Apple warns iPhone 5 owners to update the operating system to version 10.3.4 before November 3 of this year. The answer is simple: if they do not, they will no longer be able to browse the web, explore the App Store, send emails, access iCloud or use other functions that depend on the correct date and time. In other words, the phone will be little less than functional. The situation derives from a problem of resetting the GPS schedule that began to affect the functionality of several connected products.

If you have an iPhone 5 and forgot to perform the update, all is not lost. In this case, you should make a backup and restore your phone using a Mac or PC, since software updates over the air and iCloud backups will no longer work.

In addition, anyone with an iPhone 4S, as well as earlier versions of the iPad until the fourth generation, should also make sure they have the latest software available on their device. However, for these people, the lack of action will have somewhat less serious consequences than those that affect the phone 5, since they will only affect their GPS functionality.

To make sure you have the latest software available for your Apple device, just go to Configuration, and later Software Update. There is a message that says "your software is up to date" or that a download is available.

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