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Apple, don't kill 3D Touch on new iPhones

Unpopular opinion: I really like the 3D touch on iPhone.


It introduced pressure sensitive screen technology in the iPhone 6S in 2015 as an evolution of multi-touch. Apple executives commented that pressing harder on the screen would add a new dimension to the touch and slide.

In light of the multiple reports that claim that Apple will kill 3D Touch on all three iPhones this year. Most people have no idea what 3D Touch is or if it exists on their iPhones.

IPhone 7

When you press hard on the icon of an application to bring up a "Quick Actions" menu of shortcuts or hyperlinks or thumbnails with pressure to "look" (preview) and "pop" (expand) the content seemed little more than a novel trick.

Both beginners and experts seem to agree that 3D Touch is no deeper than right-clicking on a computer or long pressing the touch screen.

Not to mention that people hate the learning curve that comes with 3D Touch. You must first discover where it can be used (something that is often not obvious) and then see if it's really a more useful or faster way of doing something.

But here is the thing about 3D Touch

People refuse to understand: you have to hug her and, most importantly, stick with her. That is difficult for many people because change scares and requires work.

Once you stopped thinking of 3D Touch as a trick and practiced its use (yes, I needed to get used to things with 3D Touching), You will begin to discover more places to use it.

The central point of 3D Touch

You can use it to do more than you can with a long press, and do things without having to lift your finger from the screen.

This is great for people who like to use their iPhones with one hand.

For example, a long press on a live photo within an iMessage shows Tapbacks and three options (Copy, Save and More …). OK, simple enough.

You still get these options

If you press a live photo on an iPhone that has 3D Touch, but you also get some more options.

Press with a little more force (it is not really necessary to press very hard) allows you to play the short video embedded in the "peek" mode, then "open it" to expand it Y then easily access iOS "share sheet" to do things like AirDrop or share it in another application.