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Android messages is updated and already offers intelligent responses in Spanish

Android Messages is the default Android application for SMS and RCS messages. Google is updating the application to offer intelligent responses such as Gmail for these types of messages. A great feature that we would love to have in any chat application.

Android messages receive Gmail smart replies

There is a feature that has been in Gmail for years and we needed it to reach the messaging applications. We talk about smart answers, a tool that has great potential but that we don't think is as well used as it should be.

This function use artificial intelligence to analyze the message that we have received, and based on that it creates several automatic response options. This tool saves us the step of answering manually for simple answers. We found it more useful in text messages than in email.

How to disable smart replies in Gmail for AndroidSmart replies came first to Inbox, and later to Gmail.

Android messages are being updated to integrate Gmail's smart responses. This feature worked in English for some time now, but since the last version it finally becomes compatible with Spanish.

Among its other novelties, we can also rename group chats. We see this feature more useful in the United States, where SMS is still the order of the day, the main reason why Android messages are constantly evolving.

Undoubtedly, it is an interesting novelty that may not serve us for day to day, since the use of the Android message application is a minority, beyond receiving the notification messages from messaging or advertising companies of our operator. It would be great for the next version of Android Google to integrate this tool so that Applications like WhatsApp or Telegram could have this useful function.

If you want to try it, the application will be updated in the next few days, although you can download the new version in APKMirror.