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Android 10: what you should know about privacy settings Cipriani / CNET

One of the key points that Google highlights in the promotion of Android 10(formerly known as Android Q) is its new approach to managing your private information to keep it secure. Google is giving you more control over which applications have access to your personal information, your calendar or your location. The new security features of Android 10 come in the form of more granular location controls and a dedicated privacy section in the settings.

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Before we see the new features, a quick reminder: Android 10 is currently in a beta version, and its official release will be in late summer. As such, the features can and often change for launch. If that happens, we will update this post to reflect any changes. If you want to help Google test it, you can sign up for the beta version of Android 10and send comments.

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The new controls are found as options in the Configuration application: Privacy and Location. There are five main things that I would like to point out, so let's start by taking a look at the new Privacy section, where you can control what Google data applications and services can access.


This section has privacy controls for apps and services on your phone and here you can also access the activity settings of your Google account.


The new Android 10 control permissions make it easy to audit your apps and the information they have access to.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani / CNET

First of all, the fundamental characteristic of your new Privacy section is under the option Permission Manager. In that section you will find a list of the different permit categories, along with a list of the apps that have access to those permissions. For example, there is a section of apps that have requested access to your calendar. If you touch the Calendar option to see the apps that have access at that time, and those that don't. You can open or deny access to an app from ah.

It's a bit flashy when you go through the permission list and see that each application has access to things like the microphone or contacts, and it takes you 10 minutes to make the appropriate adjustments.