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all the news and when to get to what devices


Android Marshmallow launches this week: all the news and when to reach what devices

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October 5, 2015

android marshmallow

As usual, to the presentation of last Nexus, accompanied him in the event of Google last week in San Francisco the announcement of when the expected would be launched Android Marshmallow, which we have been hearing about before summer and that we finally have just around the corner: from today The countdown begins so that the first devices start receiving Android 6.0. That news it will bring us? That dispositives Will they receive it before? We review their features and smartphones and tablets whose manufacturers have already confirmed the update.

The improvements that Android Marshmallow will bring us

You have to start remembering that, like Manzana with iOS 9, Android Mashmallow It is a version in which Google He has put all the emphasis on improving stability and performance and not so much on introducing new features. Despite this, there are a few interesting developments that are worth highlighting.

Android Marshmallow

  • Better protection of our privacy. One of the novelties that this update is going to leave us with is that we will finally be able to make a detailed management of the permissions that we give to each of the applications (individually) when we install them.
  • "Doze." This is a new technology aimed at improving the autonomy of our devices. How? Quite simply, if a lack of movement is detected for a prolonged period of time, applications that are open will be disregarded to prevent them from continuing to consume.
  • Now on Tap With Android Marshmallow will also come a new evolution of Google Now, which improves its predictive capabilities, facilitating us to obtain relevant information not only based on factors such as our location or our agenda, but also, for example, what we have on screen .
  • Native support for fingerprint reader and USB type C. It is not that neither of these two technologies are a novelty in themselves, but the fact that support for both is integrated in Android Marshmallow will allow developers to take more advantage of them.
  • Split screen and new keyboard? These two novelties have to put them between interrogations because, although we know they are there because the developers found them when exploring the betas, Google has not yet announced them officially, so we do not know their plans.

These are the main novelties, but not the only ones: in our coverage of your presentation and of the betas he launched this summer (one in july Y another one in august), you have more information about other small changes that we hope Android Marshmallow leaves us.

All devices for which the update is confirmed, and others for which it is also expected

The big question now for most of you, however, is probably just when you can expect to start enjoying the upgrade. Fortunately, we already have confirmation on their plans in this regard by a few manufacturers and some information that has been giving us clues in recent months about those of others. We review all of them.

android m marshmallow

  • Nexus As always, Google devices will be responsible for releasing the new update and they will be able to do it very soon: the Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Nexus 5, Nexus and Nexus 7 (2013) will start receiving Android Marshmallow this week. The Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 (2012) are left out for the first time. We look forward to announcing between today and tomorrow that the update has begun.
  • Motorola No one will be surprised since the first to announce its updates to Android Marshmallow has been Motorola, since this is one of the great attractions of its products. They will feature the Moto X Style, Moto X Play, Moto X (second generation), Moto G (second and third generation), Motorola DROID Turbo and Moto MAXX.
  • HTC The Taiwanese are also always the first to give us news about updates, although they are not always with the updates themselves. It is confirmed for HTC One M8 and HTC One M9 (before the end of the year), HTC One M9 +, HTC One E9, HTC One E9 +, HTC One ME, HTC One E8, HTC One M8 EYE, HTC Butterfly 3, HTC Desire 826, HTC Desire 820 and HTC Desire 816.
  • LG. Here we enter the field of speculation, but through one of the official blogs of the manufacturer it seems that it has been possible to confirm that the update will reach the LG G3 and LG G4, although this can be said to be taken for granted, at same as for the new LG V10. You will have to wait for an official announcement to discover the fate of the rest of your smartphones and tablets.
  • Samsung We continue with speculation in the absence of an official announcement: a leak at the end of summer listed among the devices that would receive the update the Galaxy S6 edge +, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy Tab A and Galaxy Alpha. Although it does not appear on the list, we have no doubt that the Galaxy Tab S2 will also be included.
  • Sony Sony is probably the manufacturer that we have less information so far, whether official or not. There is not much doubt about their plans to update the latest models of the Xperia Z range, in any case, but it is inevitable to wonder if they will be able to bring this update to the first Xperia Z and Xperia Z Tablet. We only have to wait for new news.