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all the latest news for iPhone of the last operating system

Apple has just released iOS 13.2 and is now available to all users. The new version of iOS incorporates significant improvements for compatible iPhone, especially last generation iPhone. Let's review what they are all the news of iOS 13.2.

iOS 13.2 all the news for your iPhone

iOS 13.2 is a version of those that not only polishes bugs but also adds small improvements to the operating system (or large, as you look). On this occasion, we follow the trail of others like iOS 13.1 in which Apple Add news to iOS 13.2 like the following:

  • Siri is able to announce messages iMessage incoming when we have connected AirPods 2 or compatible Beats (the H1 chip seems to be the only requirement). We can choose the type of messages to announce, whether they are from known, favorite, recent or unknown contacts. There is also an option to answer them without saying "Hey Siri".

Img 0638

  • Continuing with Siri and as promised by Apple, there is now the possibility to choose if we want to participate in the Siri improvement program as well as to erase the data of our history in case of doing it. This change is the result of the controversy by the Siri improvement program that jumped last summer.

Img 0643

  • And to finish with the assistant, you can now tell Siri to send a message to a contact of yours without specifying the messenger app to use. Analyze what app do you usually use with that contact to choose the right one with each one.

New Emojis Ios 13 2 Beta Overview

  • iOS 13.2 also includes new emoji. There are more than 200 new ones, although many of them are variations of the existing ones. Among them are the otter, the planet with rings, the gua dog, the ice cube and the waffle.

Img 0636

  • Now we can delete apps by pressing and holding any icon on the home screen, where we will see the option "Remove app". A multi-step savings that is appreciated.
  • He HomePod and the iPhone now have Handoff to exchange audios, which we tell in detail in a separate article about the iOS 13.2 update for HomePod.
  • In the Control Center, the volume bar shows an icon with the connected headphones when they are AirPods or Beats.
  • In this update, you can now group or ungroup HomeKit accessories that have various functions together.

Deep Fusion: a substantial photographic improvement for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

So far, we have seen the improvements common to all iPhone compatible with iOS 13. The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have an additional novelty in iOS 13.2 that promises a substantial improvement in the photographs. It's about Deep Fusion, a new way of processing the photographs according to Phil Schiller, SVP of Apple Marketing, is "a crazy science of computer photography."

Deepfusion Example 1

Leaving the terms aside marketinians, the truth is that Deep Fusion is an important change. With iOS 13.2, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro can make use of this function automatically based on the level of light you are using. As Apple shared several media outlets a few weeks ago, it works as follows:

  • The angular lens uses the Smart HDR for good and medium illumination situations. Deep Fusion enter situations of medium and low brightness and Night Mode for low light scenes.
  • The telephoto lens used in its Deep Fusion, where the Smart HDR only act in scenes with lots of light.
  • The ultra wide angle lens always uses Smart HDR because it does not support Deep Fusion or Night Mode.

Apple indicates that Deep Fusion is completely transparent to the user. There is no button on the camera that indicates when it is working as it happens with Night Mode, it does not appear on the camera roll or in the image EXIF ??data. It is the camera that decides and the user avoids more complications when taking the photo.

iPhone 11 and computational photography: the magic behind the scenes of this generation

This function is a leap forward in photographs with more complex luminosity, without reaching the situations in which Night Mode highlights. As soon as iOS 13.2 is installed on the latest generation iPhone, the effects of Deep Fusion will begin to be seen.

         iOS 13.2 now available: Deep Fusion, HomePod update, Siri improvements and more