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Alcatel 3X democratizes the triple camera with AI, it has everything for 159 euros!

Alcatel 3X democratiza la triple cámara con IA, lo tiene todo por 159 euros!

Alcatel 3X democratizes the triple camera with AI, it has everything for 159 euros!

It is not at all simple to compete today in the smartphone industry, much less is to do it in the most compensated range of the Android catalog, which is by the way the most saturated and likely range of all markets that may exist globally.

The amount of options is immense, and the possibilities of each option have gone bridging the gap between the most basic, medium-cut and most provisional mobile phones, getting that today a terminal like this Alcatel 3X, which the French firm manufacturer has just brought to Spain, break molds with triple camera and AI implementations for only 159 euros.

We actually talk about a smartphone that can be classified as medium cut but at a basic price, and is that its possibilities are surely above a cost that places you among the first in the race of the quality / price ratio on the Android platform.

Alcatel 3X: convince by benefits and beat by price

If you want an elegant mobile, with good finishes in glass and metal, with decent benefits and an economical price You no longer have to look much further, because in fact here is where you want to play this Alcatel 3X that does not disappoint either in price or performance.

With a modern design and a frontal used in 89.2% for its 6.52 inch screen and HD + resolution, the truth is that the new best-selling Alcatel has nothing to miss in a hardware platform where the MediaTeK Helio P23 chipset It reigns alongside a suitable memory configuration, with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of expandable storage with microSD cards.

In the device we find all the connectivity and possibilities that any Smartphone should offer in 2019, and Alcatel has not forgotten to add an almost forgotten FM radio or an NFC chip that offers mobile payments next to the fingerprint reader.

its 4,000 mAh battery, very generous, rounds a set animated by Android 9 Pie and where Some specifications stand out that we have saved to comment separately. And they deserve it in a mobile of 159 euros!

Alcatel 3X democratizes the triple camera with AI, it has everything for 159 euros!

How to democratize the triple chamber and AI, and not die trying

The Alcatel 3X undoubtedly highlights these two sections, which is that in a smartphone of this price range we do not usually find too many displays such as the NFC, the fingerprint reader or the facial recognition that integrates the best-selling Alcatel.

In any case, what is much more strange is to see how a device of 159 euros incorporates artificial intelligence solutions giving prominence to Google Assistant with a dedicated button, with which it is possible to invoke the assistant or Quickly search Google for any type of image or information through machine learning techniques.

Not only that, and that is Alcatel also wanted to stand out in image quality and not do it just for its huge screen with a notch minimum in the form of a drop of water, but the manufacturer has chosen incorporate a triple camera system into your most ambitious model of 2019 that from its back will delight the most horny in mobile photography.

Alcatel wanted to differentiate its most ambitious mobile with a triple camera that opens in this price range, in addition to AI to improve photos, search the Internet or allow us to perform tasks comfortably with the voice