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Achieve authentic carambolas in the billiards Pool Royale arcade

Pool Royale

Pool Royale

Pool Royale is an American pool game in which we must show our worth with the taco we have to dust, so that every time we hit that white ball, we can hit and thus go through levels.

A new title for Android that is not bad at all and that, although it lacks some simulation (It is rather an arcade shooting), has enough to bring us that experience of throwing a game of billiards, although with its peculiarities.

Arcade more than simulation

In Pool Royale we find an American pool game in which you spend more of the real simulation to be an arcade. But not because of the fact that I don't know how to simulate the physics of the balls or of that moment in which we need the angle of shot to make a good carambola, but because at each level we will have already raised a series of balls to put them on the table in the least possible number of hits.


A limit of blows that they will tell us the accuracy that we have to take in the games. And at the beginning it will be quite easy, although as we progress we will find that it is not so easy to finish putting those balls in the limit number of hits we have.


As for the simulation itself, it is quite well achieved and object physics allows us to enjoy those precise strokes We have to try to give. We have a wheel with which to change the direction of the stick and thus adjust the shot, and what would be the same stick itself that will be activated with a downward gesture holding it and then releasing it.

Good feelings in Pool Royale

Pool Royale takes us, therefore, to an arcade based on American billiards in which all balls must be inserted in the 6 holes before going for the black one. Although to tell the truth, here they are rather trying to make those plays with which to get the applause of those who see us play.

Pool Royale on Android

The carambolas are fun, so it won't be bad if you try different ways to tackle those levels to try to finish them with one or two strokes. The interesting thing about the games is that we have a series of levels to face at the end. This will be more complicated and will need our ability to pass it. If so, we will move on to the next level section.

We have to remember that here the balls are strategically positioned, so don't expect to play a game against the AI ​​or with another player. There is only one unique way in which you will have to face those carambolas that you have to give.

A casual arcade for quick games

So Pool Royale takes us before a casual good manufacturing and who can be criticized for the lack of different game modes. Like the lack of a multiplayer mode leaves us a little cold, since being able to play a game against another player, and more when it is asynchronized, would be the cane.


Technically it is a game that quite well and in which highlights your well worked graphics. The physics of objects is not bad at all, although in some moments it can give rise to slightly natural movements, although they will be the exceptions, since in general the blows and carambolas occur when we are healed. It has that style illustration for the characters and the different places of leisure in which we will lend ourselves to play.