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About Windows 10X: rumors, leaks and everything we know

About Windows 10XThe new Surface Duo.

In October 2019 Microsoft showed us that it is strongly committed to double screens with devices such as the Surface Duo and the Surface Neo. But, of course, these special products require a special operating system as well. Therefore, Microsoft will have developed Windows 10X. Next, we tell you everything we know, so far, about Windows 10X.

Only for dual display devices?

Although Microsoft wants to be cautious and has not revealed too many details, so far, about Windows 10X, the truth is that through Twitter we have already managed to know a little more about this operating system.

Specifically, the user of the social network WalkingCat, has revealed an internal document with important information about Windows 10X.

Among the new developments, the one that attracts the most attention or we consider it worth mentioning is that, apparently, the new Windows 10X taskbar model will be available not only for folding devices, but also for the more traditional portable models known as clamshells.

If so, Windows 10X will reach not only the new Surface Duo and Surface Neo, but also other Microsoft devices.

Important changes

In addition, as it underlines The verge, it should be remembered that Microsoft has already advanced that Windows 10X will arrive with settings in the Start menu, as well as in the taskbar.

Specifically, in the case of the Start menu, it may even change its name (Launcher) and focus much more on local searches.

On the other hand, Windows 10X will also improve the Windows Hello facial recognition experience and the Universal Windows App (UWP) will be modernized.

However, and unfortunately, Microsoft has already removed this internal document with details of Windows 10X, so surely there are many things that we still do not know and we have to discover over time.

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