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Xiaomi reveals some of the new features of MIUI 11


Earlier this year it was confirmed that Xiaomi was already working on MIUI 11, the new version of its customization layer. With the passing of the weeks we have been receiving data about it. Since a list was filtered with the first smartphones that would have access to that update. In addition, the company has gone announcing some of the news that could come in that layer this year.

After recently announcing some of these functions, Xiaomi returns to the load. Since the Chinese brand confirms again some of the changes that will be introduced in MIUI 11 this year An information of interest to users with a Chinese brand phone. So you can know what news awaits them.

The Chinese brand made the decision to allow users make suggestions about the changes to be introduced. Then, they confirmed some of the requests that were going to be introduced. So, with this new version, we want to adjust more to the wishes of users with Xiaomi phones. Now, we have new data.

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Xiaomi will reveal some of the news that will come to MIUI

One of Xiaomi's priorities with MIUI 11 is the user experience. The Chinese brand wants to develop a good user experience. Therefore, they respond to one of the most common criticisms in this regard, the presence of advertisements in its interface. Something that is annoying for many users, who seek to eliminate them as much as possible. In this sense, the Chinese brand has confirmed something that was expected long ago: Ads are removed until further notice. Also, this is a decision that affects all ads. But we don't know if it will be permanent or not.


In addition, the Chinese brand itself has confirmed other developments that they plan to introduce in MIUI 11. On the one hand, one of the new features that will be introduced will be the support for the call recording in QQ and WeChat. These are two apps of enormous popularity in China. So this is something that is sure to please users of the brand's phones in China-

On the other hand, a magnifying glass with gestures is expected. Thanks to it you can expand text when reading, ideal for people with vision problems. Although we can also use it with photos on the phone. In addition, it also works on the introduction of an ultra energy saving mode. With this mode, the device will only allow access to calls and SMS. Without a doubt, the most basic in many moments.

In addition to this, we will have a Curriculum mode on the phone. It is a function with which MIUI 11 will keep the user always informed of his agenda and everything they have planned in the calendar. So you will not miss any pending appointments or tasks that you have to perform. A kind of reminder function that comes natively.

It is also confirmed that MIUI 11 will introduce a new notification box. In it we will find a series of options, such as custom filters. So that the user has the possibility to decide which notifications are of greater importance. In addition, it will be allowed to archive those notifications that we have ignored for a total of twelve hours. Although if we want, we have the possibility to proceed to recovery. For this there will be a special section.