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What you have to do if you have poor coverage on Android at home

Android coverage

Currently, being connected is essential. Although there are times when we can have problems with our Android smartphone in this sense. Since there may be failures with coverage, especially at home there are many times when we have these types of problems. What can we do in this regard when this occurs? There are a number of possible solutions.

So that when you have coverage problems on your Android phone, you can try to do any of the following things. It will be of great help in this regard to make the phone go back to having a good signal, in a really simple way.

Restart phone

Restart Android

One of the first aspects that have to be check if it is a problem of the phone itself. Therefore, we tried to restart the phone, with the SIM inserted in it at all times. So when it restarts, it is possible that it will connect to the signal normally and we will be able to use it. It is good to check this, to know if it is a fault of the Android phone or if there is a problem with the signal of your operator. In case it doesn't work well, there are always more options.

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Check Android APNs

Configure the APN correctly according to your operator

The problem may be with the APNs of the device, which have not been configured correctly. This is something we can check at all times without too much trouble. In addition, we always have available the list of the APN of the telephone operators in Spain. So we can configure it on the phone when necessary, in a really simple way.

Yes when we have configured the APN on the smartphone again correctly, we see that there is still a problem of coverage on the phone, we know that the origin of it does not reside in them. Probably not on the Android phone itself. But the origin is another.

Home Location

This is something that most of you probably already know. There are areas at home where phone coverage is worse. Therefore, it is good to try this, using mobile data or making a call at home. So we can see if there are significant differences at home in terms of coverage. Since this is something that can be of great help, especially when leaving the phone at some time at home.

The logical thing is that reception will always be better in outdoor areas. So on balconies, terraces and near windows, it is normal for coverage to be better at all times. Something that is also important to keep in mind. Especially at specific times when it is important to have good coverage.

SIM problem

Dual SIM