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what they are and how to use them to create documents, events and more quickly

Last year, Google introduced a series of shortcuts to create documents quickly. In the Google Docs suite We find Google Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms, etc. For many of them, We find shortcuts that allow us to access the creation of new documents, from the search bar itself.

Therefore, it is necessary to comment what are these shortcuts, to which the Google calendar has just been added, allowing us to create events easily after writing the short shortcut in our browser.

Google shortcuts

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Google shortcuts are quite simple. It must be taken into account that they follow the formula site name + domain .new, a good strategy to remember the shortcut to open the web page where we want to create the document. Specific, these are the shortcuts for the different sites.

  • Google Docs:,,
  • Google form:,
  • Excel:,,
  • Google Sites:,,
  • Google Presentations:,,
  • Google Keep:,
  • Google Calendar:

How to work offline with Google Docs

These shortcuts will take us directly to the creation page of a new Google document. This is a good way to save us the steps of opening the website and selecting the option to create a new document.

The shortcuts only need to write the .new addresses, so we can use them on any device, be it PC or mobile

When running through a web domain, you can use them in any operating system, whether you are on a PC platform or on a mobile phone. At the moment, these are the shortcuts and the options that Google offers to quickly access the creation of documents, calendars and others, although we do not rule out that in the future they will arrive more

         Google web shortcuts: what they are and how to use them to create documents, events and more quickly