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What are the differences between Nike Apple Watch and Series 5

Apple Watch with Nike face

As with each launch of a new generation of the Apple Watch (with that of last September we are already in the fifth) Apple also launches its version in collaboration with the well-known sports firm, creating a device parallel to the Watch, let's see what their differences and similarities are .

Apple Watch Series 5 Nike Edition

The Apple Watch is a technological device, but also a complement, Nike takes a little of each of these facets and introduces some changes in each generation.
On the one hand Apple Watch Nike Edition has exclusive straps in two materials, some in perforated silicone to facilitate perspiration, and the others in braided nylon. Within each of these materials we also have different combinations of colors to please all tastes.
Straps and Faces Apple Watch Nike
On the other hand the Another main difference of devices with the Nike seal is the implementation of exclusive Watch dials, with complications more focused on daily activity and workouts, and with the striking colors to which we are already accustomed.

The Apple Watch Nike Edition and the Apple Watch Series 5 include the same news of this new generation

Apple Watch Series 5

Beyond the comments in the above paragraph, everything else between the Apple Watch Series 5 and the Nike Edition is identical, share all functions and features, they are both made of the same materials (remember that the Nike Edition Watch is only offered in aluminum, as well as the basic Apple Watch), and include the same novelties of this generation such as the screen always on, the new compass function or the increase in internal memory of this last version.

Straps and Faces Apple Watch Nike 2

As you can see similarities win by win over differences, and is that Apple offers a device with the right changes so that you choose the one you choose, but in turn you have something in particular in each of the two, either because you prefer silicone straps of a single color, or because Do a lot of physical activity and be grateful to have complications more focused on this.