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Try the LG G8 ThinQ, and it can be the replacement for the Huawei P30 Pro

Try the LG G8 ThinQ, and it can be the replacement for the Huawei P30 Pro


I tried the LG G8 ThinQ in gray, although depending on the country, you can get it in dark blue and pink.

Angela Lang / CNET

In a world in which Samsung, Huawei and Apple dominate a large part of the mobile phone market, LG continues to launch cell phones. And although they often go unnoticed, they usually include good functions and, in general, good performance. A sample of them is the LG G8 ThinQ, which unfortunately came to this world to compete with two powerful cell phones: the Galaxy S10 and the Huawei P30 Pro — a phone that if you have not bought yet, you should avoid the problems of the company.

We have already analyzed the LG G8 ThinQ, So what you will read next is my personal experience with this cell phone after using it for 15 continuous days.

My first impression: a beautiful, but slippery design

When I had the LG G8 ThinQ in my hands, I noticed once that it was a bright cell phone, and with a very clean glass case that turned out to be very slippery. If you put it on the table, it will slip until it falls to the floor this happened to me about 10 or 12 times and no, it was not careless, simply the material with which it was manufactured makes the cell come to life.

To this I must add that in the positive part, after so many falls on the carpet, although also on the asphalt, the phone showed that it is very resistant, because it did not break any of the times, although the top part suffered an occasional scratch . On one of the occasions I slipped from my pocket when I was at the cinema watching Avengers: Endgame, and in another when I was in the subway, I got out of hand for trying to have several things at once.

Urban Armor, a manufacturer of sports accessories and covers, sent me a case that costs US $ 29.95 and has a design capable of resisting impacts that I started using after doing my first tests, and although it makes the phone feel a little more great in your hands, if you are one of those who are afraid of breaking your cell phone, you will surely appreciate it

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This sper case protects your cell phone.

Besides that, the phone is easy to handle with one hand; Its 6.1-inch screen looks pretty good, although sometimes its automatic brightness is reduced too much, which makes you see nothing when you're in the sun. I had to go to manual brightness, and everything perfect.

  • The good: The cell phone is beautiful, its screen is large and with few bezels.
  • The bad: It's slippery, so you shouldn't leave the store without a case.
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It is not easy to use the LG G8 ThinQ hand reader function.

Angela Lang / CNET

What's new: the LG G8 ThinQ reads your veins

In recent months, manufacturers have decided to incorporate a fingerprint sensor on the screen, and have relegated a front camera with enough technology to make your facial recognition safe. This is not the case of LG, which has included a fingerprint sensor on the back and a front camera with a TOF sensor, which allows 3D facial recognition, and that adds another function: to read your hand or, rather, The veins of your hand.

With the name of Hand ID, the company wants you to unlock your cell phone with this method, which allows you to put your hand in front of the camera to do such a thing. In my tests this option has not been very useful, you have to be at a distance to work, and although it seems somewhat futuristic, you can also use your hand as Mr. Strange Avengers: Endgame to open applications

Particularly I do not consider this option to be the best of this cell phone, it is not easy to use, and it also requires that you stop to use this function. So if this seemed attractive to you, it's not that bad.

  • The good: Your TOF front camera can make 3D facial unlocking safe.
  • The bad: Hand ID does not work quite well, so this is not a reason to buy this cell phone.

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Cameras: video improvements and good photos

In my opinion, one of the main features that a cell phone should have is a good camera. That of this LG cell phone is not a triple camera, although that is not so important either. What did you think of your photographs?

Well, the LG G8 ThinQ makes beautiful photos, although its colors are not as bright as the ones you can find in the S10 or the P30 Pro. That in part could be because the AI ​​Cam or camera with Artificial Intelligence does not force so much the colors to make them look fake, something we sometimes get with Huawei phones and nothing happens, because many users love it.