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This tool gives you the options of a computer on your tablet when it comes to handling text


This tool gives you the options of a computer on your tablet when it comes to handling text

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November 30, 2015

Android text application

One of the issues that continue to haunt us as intensive users of tablets and mobiles It is the productivity in this type of equipment. The options of a PC for those who work with text documents (copy, paste, search, etc.) are, for now, much more accessible than if we move in a tactile environment. However, there are systems such as Text Aide that will make our life in that field much easier.

This app comes out of that wonderful Android software lab that is the forum XDA developers and although we can enhance many of its qualities if we have installed Xposed Framework, I use it in its basic version and it is a real joy to see how productivity can be increased so simply. The operating system of Google It has an advantage over others and is the gigantic amount of brilliant minds united in the constant search to improve here or there some of its utilities. Fruit of it is Text Aide.

Download, installation and basic qualities of the app

Text Aide is an application totally free, although as in many of these tools developed by independent programmers, we can thank and encourage the work of the person behind, donating a small sum to keep the project and help finance other of his future creations.

The app was not found in the store

The slightly less grateful part of this application is that it is still only in English. However, we will explain the basic steps to use it. If you handle the language or are not afraid to venture with a dictionary, you can modify many options to allow us a more personalized deployment of functions.

How to set it up simply

To work with Text Aide we need to have as a reference: first, your own main interface of the application, where we must activate the option Copy Aide and we can configure the different utilities with respect to the text. Second, the bar notifications, which will give us quick access to these utilities.

Android text application

The different icons represent, in this order, Define, Expand (we will leave it out of our explanation because it is something more complex and does not offer anything too elementary), Search, Share and Play (a voice will pronounce the word).

Android text application Android text application