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The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro arrives on August 20 in Europe

Redmi K20 Pro Official

Weeks ago that Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is expected to launch in EuropeIn fact it was commented that it would not take long to arrive. As you know, this model is the international name of the Redmi K20 Pro of the Chinese brand. The normal model, the Redmi K20, has already been launched internationally, in fact we can buy it in Spain, but nothing was known about the launch of the Pro model.

Finally, after weeks of rumors, the brand itself announces the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro in Europe. A news that comes after phone prices in Europe have leaked. The good news is that the wait is very short in this regard.

According to the company itself has announced in networks, andl Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro arrives in Europe on August 20. Less than a week of waiting for this new high-end to be officially launched. They will surely organize a small presentation event, where the launch details (dates and prices) will be revealed.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro launch

It has been the page of the Chinese brand in Holland that has put this photo, announcing the arrival of the phone. So it is a confirmation that many expected long ago. Because weeks ago Rumor has it about the launch of this model in Europe, but without the brand saying anything.

So, On August 20 we will know everything about this Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro and its launch in Europe. As you can see in its specifications, it is a high range, which would also come with a very low price for its range, one of the aspects that will undoubtedly help you to have good results in the market.

We will be attentive these next days to news about the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, in case there are new details. Otherwise, on August 20 we will be at this event and we will know everything about what this new high-end will leave us, especially in terms of price and release date.

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