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The reasons why you should not bet on a Huawei Mate 30

Last September Huawei officially announced the Mate 30, two very complete high-end phones that should undoubtedly be candidates for teams of the year, and should be in the technical section, because in the experience of use this situation could be very different, since the problems of Huawei with the United States if they have given a hard blow to the Mate 30.

For this reason we are going to explain some points for which Huawei Mate 30 They may not be the best bet for this year, because although they arrive with Android, the situation is much more complex than it seems.

1- Android S, Google NO

At the time we explained what was the difference between free Android (AOSP) and Google Android (the vitamin version), because although the basis is the same, Google's Android has a very important element called Google Services, which is composed of many services (as the name says) and Google APIs that allow our Android phone to do many of the things that have made us fall in love with this operating system.

In addition to these APIs, this version comes with Google applications such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Photos, Google Maps, the Play Store and much more, therefore, the phones that use the Android AOSP version are lost from all Google Services

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<p>Therefore the Mate 30 do not come with Google apps and do not come with the Play Store, so <strong>We don't have access to the almost 3 billion applications available in the Google store</strong>. </p>
<p>In its place Huawei has put the App Gallery, an alternative store that we have already talked about at Unocero, and which although the company is making efforts to attract more developers, it is still far from offering the same experience that Google Play, which brings us to the next point.</p>
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2- Without the most popular and used apps in the world

Although Huawei does not share the number of applications available in its store, it is enough to shop around to identify the problems the company is currently facing. And you will notice an important absence of services that are essential today, and an example of this is the following list of absences in the App Gallery:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • Amazon

Now the question is whether it is difficult to live outside the Google ecosystem, Can you live without the Facebook ecosystem?, I think that most users will answer no.

In fact, Huawei itself has mentioned that these applications will hardly reach the App Gallery this year, and if the problems with the United States remain we do not know if we will see these applications at the Huawei store.

Good but you can install the APK, right?

3- Installing an APK is sometimes not as simple as it seems

Although the Mate 30 will let users install some APK, users of Unocero and other technology sites are likely to have a sense of how to do it, but most people don't know how to install an APK and also don't know where to download them without expose yourself to security risks.

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro has an incredible screen, but it has a big problem with Netflix

Now, secure APK repositories come with many versions of the installation file for certain versions of the operating system, and there are APKs that are not compatible with all phones, so you can download a WhatsApp APK that is not compatible with the Mate 30, so you have to be testing until you find the right one.

However, here we will return to the problem of point 1, remember the APIs we are talking about ?, well, there are applications that require certain APIs to have a correct operation, so the fact of installing an app using an APK does not guarantees that its operation will be the same as other Android phones, so many people may have a bad experience with some services and applications with this method of installation.

4- The simplest path is closed

One option that many see viable to not suffer with all these problems was to install a custom ROM, so installing the Google Services and the Play Store could be easier, however, Huawei has said that the bootloader is closed on these models, making it impossible to install a custom ROM.

It is true that opening the bootloader can carry many risks, but leaving it closed can significantly damage the experience of many users, although Huawei seems to remain firm with this decision.