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The Realme 5 Pro arrive with a 48 MP cudruple camera

Realme 5 Pro with 48 MP camera

We continue with the photographic news today. In a recent development, we reported that Samsung announced the first 108 MP camera sensor for smartphones, although it is not only the first in its catalog, but also the first in the world. So far, no evidence has come to light that tells us that another manufacturer – such as Sony, for example – works on a lens of that resolution.

The closest device to be launched is the Realme with 64 MP camera, according to what the company recently announced through a promotional poster. But Another terminal is also underway, which would not use the Samsung 64 MP camera, but a 48 MP tuner, and that is what we are talking about next since this sensor was officially confirmed for the device.

The company's Realme 5 series will launch this August 20. This will be led by Realme 5 Pro, a mid-range terminal to which we gave prominence yesterday through a note in which we published all its features and specifications filtered so far. This same device is the one that will carry the 48 megapixel trigger on its rear panel. In addition, the lens will be accompanied by three others in its photographic module, so we will be facing a mid-range with quad camera.

Realme announcement with 64 MP camera

The other companions of the 48 MP sensor are a ultra wide angle camera, a super macro and one for portraits. The ultra-wide camera has a field of view of 119 degrees .; The super macro lens comes with a final length of 4 cm that allows you to shoot close-ups of objects; while the Realme 5 Pro portrait lens, as the name implies, should result in photos of sharper and clearer portraits.

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