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The MediaPad M5 can arrive in three models: prices are filtered


The MediaPad M5 can arrive in three models: prices are filtered

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February 14, 2018

At this point we thought we knew everything (or almost) of the future MediaPad M5, but we just got a surprise, discovering what Huawei Preparing is the renovation of the full range and not just the 8-inch model. The filtration that points it leaves us, in addition, a few details of each of the Models and dares to even put them price.

The three possible models of the MediaPad M5

The 8-inch model is the one that has had more prominence and the one that we have been able to see even in some render, so if we add that to the current one MediaPad M3 It has this size, it was quite logical to assume that the future MediaPad M5 It would be limited to him too. The latest news that comes to us through GizmochinaHowever, they point out that it could be accompanied by two more models.

Huawei MediaPad M3 unboxing tablet

In addition to the 8-inch model, there would be a MediaPad 10 and one MediaPad 10 Pro, according to this information. The difference between the first and the second seems to be basically the size of the screen (we don't know if the resolution also), and it's not that interesting. The third, however, would have some extras to earn the adjective "Pro", more specifically, double the storage space and, what is even more interesting, support for the stylus from Huawei.

The prices that each of them could have

This information not only bets that we will have three new tablets MediaPad M5, but it has left us prices for each of them, even, and we have to say that they fit quite well with what we would expect, taking into account those we have seen in other equivalent Huawei models before.

Huawei tablet and pen

Starting with the MediaPad M5 8, it seems that he would inherit that of his predecessor and would go on sale for 330 euros, with 32 GB of storage. The MediaPad M5 10 It would go up a little more, but the expected basically if we consider that its screen is larger, reaching 380 euros. With the MediaPad M5 10 Pro, nevertheless, we already take a clear leap and we get fully into the high-end terrain, although we must bear in mind that we talk about 64 GB of storage and it seems that it could include the stylus and arrive only in LTE version: it would cost 520 euros.

They are expected for the MWC

We will not have to wait long to get out of doubt in any case, if the bets are fulfilled and come to light in Barcelona, ??as everyone expects, since we have a confirmed event of Huawei in the MWC. It must be said, however, that the last teaser that the company left us invited to think that the star of the event could be the range MateBook more than Mediapad.

Huawei may present a new MateBook with the MediaPad M5 at the MWC