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The iPhone 11 has wireless charging problems and this is how they can be solved

iPhone 11 y iPhone 11 pro

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro

The iPhone 11 is giving problems with wireless chargingAt least thousands of users are reporting it through various specialized websites and social networks. The problem may come when we use your Qi wireless charging with a third-party brand charger.

How to solve this problem

It should be noted that, on many iPhone, the problems come when we install a version higher than iOS 13.1, either 13.1.1 or 13.1.2, or even the iOS 13.2 beta. However, solving it seems to be easier than many might think. To do this, simply reset the mobile terminal so that it reconnects wirelessly with the charger.

iPhone 11

To proceed with this restart we just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Press the volume button up and release

  2. Then press the volume button down and release

  3. Finally, press the power button on the iPhone 11 and wait until the Apple logo appears.

In this way, many of the iPhone 11s that have reported the problem have Qi wireless charging available again. with the same wireless chargers with those who had problems

The causes of the problem are not clear

Although this solution may seem temporary, it's not clear where the problem is. And, this situation has been reported through the official Apple community, where they have not yet pronounced clearly on what is really the vulnerability that causes Qi wireless charging to fail.

Many may think that third-party chargers may be partly to blame, but the truth is that these same chargers have been tested with other mobile terminals of other brands and have worked perfectly.

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