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The Google Nexus 5 is no longer manufactured and leaves production

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<p style=With the output of Android 5.0 Lollipop and the expected Google Nexus 6 everything seemed pink, we are facing the most important change that Android has brought in a long time. But not everything can be good. Surely you remember the predecessor of Google Nexus 6, Google Nexus 5, that terminal that has given so much joy to everyone. It is not for less, since in its time it was a high-end terminal, with a quality / price ratio that nobody could reach, not to mention Google’s support in terms of updates.

We all expected that with the departure of the new terminal manufactured by Motorola, that the Google Nexus 5 will stay for users who start on Android and that Google will lower its price a little more. Well, I already tell you that you can take that idea out of your mind, because Google has decided to stop producing this terminal.

Google itself has been the one who has communicated this news to an XDA user. The truth is, I didn’t expect this so soon, it’s something that has to happen, but I think it’s a bit hasty. But in these cases Google commands.

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This does not mean that we cannot buy the terminal yet, but we can only do it in some versions, since the black version is totally sold out. If Google had to replace the terminal, it will not opt ​​for a Google Nexus 5, if not for a reconditioned phone.

I’m sorry to be the one who gives you this news, but soon you can only get a Google Nexus 5 in the second-hand market.

Were you thinking of getting this terminal?