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The Google alarm can wake you up with YouTube music (in addition to Spotify)

Google has updated its clock application to offer us more alternatives in the alarm. If the application was already able to play music on Spotify, this new version also makes it compatible with YouTube Music, the YouTube music streaming service.

YouTube Music or Spotify, you choose what music to wake up with

The arrival of Spotify to the alarm application has been one of the latest revolutions of an application as simple as the alarm. This function allowed us to connect the alarm with our Spotify account and choose the music with which we wanted to be notified.

It was strange that being a Google application, the function fell to a third company such as Spotify. Google has updated the application to support two new services, Pandora and YouTube Music. However, in Spain we have only received the Google alternative. The menu appears in the same place where Spotify was.

It should be noted that in order to use YouTube Music as an alarm you will have to be a subscriber of the online music platform, which offers a standard price of 9.99 euros per month.

The update is starting its deployment, so in the next few hours you should receive the update through Google Play. If you cannot wait another day without waking up with YouTube music, you can download the alarm in its latest version in the following link of APKMirror.

To be able to choose the music with which the alarm clock will wake you up may seem one of the most innovative ideas if we have the little margin of evolution that can have an application as concrete as that of alarms, but in practice this experience can be devastating In your musical tastes. If you've ever put music you like on the alarm, eventually you may end up hating those songs. Especially if you are someone who enjoys sleeping.