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The excitement of this sport on your mobile with PGA TOUR Golf Shootout


PGA TOUR Golf Shotout is a golf-based arcade so that you enjoy using different sticks and try to lower the pair of the different holes you play. A full-fledged arcade with an interesting way to rush the golf ball.

Lower the torque it means using less bumps according to the number required for a particular hole. This would be a simulator, luckily here you can forget about them and enjoy the most arcade part of this sport in which Ballesteros was and is a legend.

Grab the stick and release your hand

Thanks to the interaction that allows a touch screen, in games like PGA TOUR Golf Shotout we can enjoy the beauty of using a gesture on the screen to so drag and center the direction and power Shooting The truth that Concrete Software here has been able to find the right key to generate that moment in which we will take the golf club and strike a good blow to the ball.

PGA Tour Golf Shootout

That is, the thing tries to press on the screen for a long time, drag down to increase the firing power and move that finger to one side or the other depending on the direction of the blow. We will always have on the screen the visualization of that blow in order to know at what moment we have to hit, apart from that a bar appears that slides from left to right and that we have to position in the center to give the most precise blow.

In this way we will get fully into well-recreated environments and some striking visual effects to be able to move the camera of the game to where we want. It will be a matter of minutes that we need to get these gestures and start making the desired blows, since we assure you that some will leave you as a mother and will reach some pit of those damn ones.

Play against other PGA TOUR Golf Shotout

PGA TOUR Golf Shotout allows us to get closer to a great series of sticks and that we will have to select at certain times. It is not the same to hit the ball near the hole with that fine and well cut grass, than to do it from one of the pits or even from a more remote area where the grass grows more wild.

PGA Tour

Too we can play against real opponents from around the world in versus mode. As we can witness the progress made after going through all those holes. PGA TOUR Golf Shotout offers us a good variety of daily challenges and those rewards with which to get better sticks to get out of those difficult moments we will have.

In total there will be more than 50 golf clubs for a game that we have free and that is not in Spanish. Although with little we play we will get enough to progress properly. If we say that there are a total of 72 holes, you can already get an idea of ??all the fun that awaits you.

An arcade to choose the right stick

In PGA TOUR Golf Shotout awaits us some funny times with that peculiar way of maneuvering to hit the golf ball and that it goes off towards the hole. Perhaps you can even make the hole in a blow and demonstrate your expertise before those players with whom you will duel.


A game that technically it's pretty good and that meets that of giving the feeling of being in a real hole. Good graphics for a mobile game, although in this facet they could have worked a little more.