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The best free alternatives to Guitar Hero for Android

Similar games to Guitar Hero

Musical games are part of the most popular genres worldwide due to their easy playability and can also be enjoyed by people of all ages. Guitar Hero Marc Trend and took the genre of rhythm games to another level.

We all ever got to play it in our childhood, and to remember it we bring you the 4 best alternatives to Guitar Hero for Android, completely free.

Beat MP3 2.0, to play any song on your mobile

BEAT mp3 for Android "width =" 1200 "height =" 600

With more than 10 million downloads on Google Play, this app won the ?editor's choice? board in rhythm games. It is the most outstanding app in the list since it makes a analysis and create maps with the perfect rhythm of the songs already existing in your device. In this way, you can search for your favorite song within the application and use it as background music while playing. The songs must be stored in the internal memory of your mobile and in MP3 format so that they can be recognized by the application.

BEAT MP3 2.0 - Play rhythm BEAT MP3 2.0 - Play rhythm

NEXT Music, perfect for playing the latest hits

NEXT Music is one of the few games that has a lot of music from the most popular artists. In addition, it has very good graphics.

One of the points in favor of this game is the possibility to play in multiplayer mode, you can even form a music group with your friends and compete against other groups in weekly battles, a feature that does not have the majority of games in this category.

NEXT Music NEXT Music

Arcaea, one of the newest on the list

Arcaea is a game with anime aesthetics, it is quite easy to understand since it has a control system similar to the rest of the games of this genre. An important feature is that it has a story mode which makes it stand out among many other games of this type. Apart, it has approximately 100 songs and 50 artists to choose from, and each song has 3 difficulty levels and a high quality visual section.

Arcaea - New Dimension Rhythm Game Arcaea - New Dimension Rhythm Game

Cytus, to test your speed with your hands

Importantly, this game has a higher difficulty level than the rest on the list, so if you love challenges, Cytus is for you. Count with one 94 song musical repertoire, some of them created by the most important composers in the world. Has 9 difficulty levels, which it is necessary to overcome in order to unlock new challenges.

Cytus Cytus

Now that you know the musical games of the moment, What is your favorite? And if you like action, cars and adrenaline, then you can't miss these 5 best racing games for Android.

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