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Spanish applications with presence in the Mobile World Congress 2019

Phones, tablets, 5G connection or wearables is what comes to mind when thinking about the Mobile World Congress. This year they have had prominence especially the folding smartphones and the expansion of 5G technology.

However, an event like MWC is an ideal opportunity for many companies. Since it allows to promote a product in person and thus obtain a focus on the work done. Something that is more difficult moving in the online world.

Spanish applications in the MWC, an opportunity for promotion

Spanish applications in the MWC, an opportunity for promotion

Being aware of the above, it is not surprising that an event like this is used to put on the table various proposals for Spanish studies. That is why we have compiled those applications with presence in the MWC of this year.

Applications for a wide spectrum of users, from those dedicated to security to those that help us in our day to day. Are you curious to meet them? We start!

Decoded Cybersecurity

Sometimes the learning process can be tedious and boring. Thinking about it, our protagonist is designed to help us in this process, thanks to a entertaining treatment and to the use of the gamification We can learn about cybersecurity.

A content created by Techerox along with the address of Soledad Antelada, Cybersecurity Engineer from Lawrence Berkeley National Laborayory of the United States. What guarantees a proven work with guarantees.

Coinscrap: Save more by spending

The crazy folks are in luck, our next application is designed for them. Since the great trick on which it turns Coinscrap is in helping us save, using various tools that will allow us to do so without realizing it.

save a percentage of the payrollsave those cents left over when rounding or the euros saved in coffee or tobacco. The options available are huge and it adapt to each user. Of course an interesting proposal.

Itsoft Everpaths

The boys of Itsoft they have various solutions available to users or companies. However, the one that has caught our attention has been an application that uses the Itsoft Everpaths technology. This technology allows detailed tracking within a building.

Our protagonist will allow us orient ourselves inside buildings such as hospitals, museums and other public spaces. Offering in the case of museums the best route, audio guides and the recommended works of art to optimize our visit.