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So you can recover a deleted iCloud document

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<p>iCloud is a service that has evolved a lot over the years. Apple's cloud service <strong>keep all our devices and applications synchronized</strong>, save our photos, backups and documents and you can have the complete desktop of your Mac and access it from anywhere.</p>
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The benefits of using iCloud if you use Apple devices are many, and today we are going to tell you one more. Apple doesn’t want you to lose anything, it proves it with its backup policy, and in iCloud there is an option that allows us to recover any document that we have deleted.

How to recover a deleted document from iCloud

As with the iOS or iPadOS photo application, in iCloud we have a section in which the files that we have deleted for the last 30 days remain. This way we can retrieve them very easily, although we must know how to reach them, it is easy just follow these steps:

  • The first thing you should do is Access to, it works on both a Mac or PC and an iPad.
  • We must identify with our Apple ID.
  • The next step is to enter the Account Settings, are just below your photo.

  • Once inside we will appear Many options such as the space we have occupied in iCloud or the devices registered with our account.
  • However yes we go down, in the left corner we will see the advanced settings.
  • The first one is that of Restore files, we can also restore other deleted items such as contacts, calendar or bookmarks.

  • We appear a new screen with a list of deleted files, we can select them one by one to restore the ones we need.
  • Apple also shows you how much time they have left before they are completely eliminated.

As we see recovering any accidentally deleted file from iCloud is quite simple, however it is something that we must do from the Apple website. Following these steps you can recover the files that have been deleted in the last 30 days, so you have enough time to do so.