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Silent OS, security taken to another level


Silent OS, security taken to another level

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November 27, 2015

silent os logo

As we have mentioned on other occasions, with the arrival of new terminals, especially those manufactured in China, a series of operating systems have appeared that, despite having all the same basis when coming from Android, intend to improve the user experience through a series of added functions as in the case of Oxygen or Cyanogen.

However, security remains a pending task for software developers, who constantly face serious threats that can compromise the privacy of users through actions such as data theft or personal content and fail to solve entirely with the new operating system updates. However, we can find some exception like Silent OS present in some terminals such as Nvidia's Blackphone 2 and whose strengths we will discuss below.

silent os interface

Android product

As in the case of Oxygen, Cyanogen and Flyme, Silent OS also has its Android base and it is another addition to the popular operating system that tries to reinforce the security of the terminals in which it is present, unlike the previous ones, based on an optimization of the devices and, especially, on a greater capacity for customization.

Sober design

When we have talked about other softwares, we have highlighted points such as a greater selection of themes to customize the icons, backgrounds in which the color makes the use of the terminals more attractive and an intuitive operation that improves the accessibility of the terminals. In the case of Silent we met some very basic funds that, despite being dark and looking somewhat muted, they are elegant.

silent os screen

System created from scratch

Despite collecting Android elements such as open source and the possibility of modifying some aspects to some extent, Silent OS It has been conceived as a software in which security is the basis and everything is articulated around it. An example of this is the encryption of all communication made by users through devices equipped with this operating system. Despite having applications developed by Google as well as its catalog and its browser, Silent offers the possibility of using its own tools developed by the creators of this system, among which we highlight an alternative browser to Chrome or Firefox that is inspired by Tor.

Confidentiality as strength

Although Silent has some very curious novelties such as a sensor that warns of theft and loss of data and information, user privacy is another of the great advantages of this operating system. When downloading applications, we can manage the permissions we grant to each of them. On the other hand, and as we have said when talking about Blackphone 2, we can create different screens Thanks to the Spaces option on the same device where we can organize what kind of contents We keep depending on whether it is business information, social media profiles or more personal content. On the other hand, the confidentiality agreement with which the main social networks or even Google, can not know our location or send us advertising. Finally, the creation of private WiFi networks in open spaces that prevent the loss and theft of data when using wireless connections in public spaces.

silent os phablet

Who uses Silent?

When talking about Blackphone 2, we comment that your implantation is somewhat reduced because it is a device aimed at people with high purchasing power in the business field. However, according to Forbes magazine, more than 40 governments, with their armies and some of the most influential entrepreneurs on the planet, whose identity is confidential, are users of any of these versions of the operating system, developed by Silent circle.