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Samsung updates the Galaxy S10 and Note10 to improve its fingerprint sensor

A screen protector film is responsible for the malfunction of the fingerprint reader reported by a British user who discovered the vulnerability; the software patch improves sensor performance Source: Reuters

Samsung confirms that a software update is now available to fix the fingerprint defect on Samsung phones
Galaxy Note 10 Y
Galaxy S10.

This defect in the fingerprint only
it affects the devices of the Galaxy Note 10 and S10 range that have a silicone screen protector that covers the entire phone. The failure comes because the texture inside the protective screen will serve as a fingerprint for unlocking the first time the customer registered it, allowing anyone to unlock the device even if their fingerprint was not registered.

Samsung has sent a notification to users of Samsung Galaxy Note 10,10+, Galaxy S10 and S10 + who have registered a fingerprint. The update notification, sent through the Samsung Members application, will not disappear until the user downloads the update.

The update notification appears under the name of
Biometric Update. Once installed, Samsung recommends removing the phone's protective screen and removing all registered fingerprints. Later they will have to add the footprints that the user wants to save.

This update is already available in several countries, including Argentina, for all the devices mentioned above.