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Samsung announces 12GB combo of RAM + UFS 3.0 for the mid-range »ERdC

Samsung announces 12GB combo of RAM + UFS 3.0 for the mid-range

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Samsung Electronics has officially started mass production the world's first 12GB UFS double-data multi-chip package. He uMCP (Multi-Chip Package) combine format storage UFS 3.0 with 12 GB of LPDDRX4 RAM. The set is addressed to new premium mid-range phones from 2020. The announcement was made at the annual Samsung Tech Day event at its Device Solutions headquarters in San Jos, California.

Samsung combo with 12GB of RAM and UFS 3.0 storage for the new premium mid-range

The new hardware combo features the four 24-gigabit RAM chips created with the 1y process. "1y" is Samsung's acronym for second generation chipsets designed on the enhanced 10 nm platform. What other manufacturers call 10nm + architecture, Samsung calls you 1y. The memory RAM LPDDRX4 It has been tested to reach speeds of up to 4,266Mbps. Samsung introduced its first batch of 12GB modules in March 2019. However, they were based on the smallest 16-gigabit RAM chips. The last batch is based on four 24-gigabit chips.

Since Samsung also offers this technology to mid-range phones, they have created a alternative device with 10 GB of RAM. The latter combines two 24 gigabit chips and two 16 gigabit chips. It is always interesting to see such innovations from larger companies. Thanks to this new opportunities open for smaller companies may have access to this type of advanced technology. Not to mention that more direct competition is also forced to try to improve its options. After all, no manufacturer to date has offered a hardware combo with 12 GB of RAM destined for the premium mid-range. Such a healthy competition is always good for consumers.

Samsung has not officially announced the UFS 3.0 storage specifications. But nevertheless, they should launch some variants based on multiple storage capacities. It is safe to assume that more manufacturers will begin offering phones with 10GB and 12GB of RAM in their premium mid-range models once Samsung has made its raid.

Although the 12 GB of RAM on an Android device they are excessive, people's needs have constantly evolved. With the mobile games online getting more and more popular in the world in the last two years, consumers can expect even better hardware on new generation devices soon. At the moment we only have to wait for new options with these features.


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