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Samsung and Xiaomi continue to lead the second world mobile market, but there is a surprising change

Xiaomi Mi A3 gray

We continue without surprises in India, the second world mobile market. If we thought that the users of this country were going to change their tastes and in a few months it seemed we were very wrong. Effectively, Xiaomi and Samsung continue to dominate with puo frreo this market.

This is corroborated by a recent market study conducted by the Counterpoint Research experts. But nevertheless, we see a small change that really surprises.

Is a future change coming in India?

Q3 in India

Xiaomi and Samsung continue with a market share of 26% and 20% respectively in this third quarter of 2019. However, the data has varied greatly if we compare them with the same period but of 2018. In this sense, Vivo and Realme brands have taken a considerable leap. Of the 10% and 3% share in 2018, they now have 17% and 16% respectively, so they are very dangerously close to the leading brands mentioned above.

More specifically, while Xiaomi and Samsung numbers decrease slightly, the Vivo firm almost doubled its presence in the Indian market. While the young company Realme, a subsidiary of OPPO, It grows up to five times more than last year, obtaining some authentic record numbers. Something that really is to praise and that could show a change in the trend in the tastes of the main world markets.

Are we living a change of trend in India? It is still early to say but it seems that the growth of these brands is not going to be punctual, regardless of the Diwali holiday. To give an example, the new Realme 5 Pro that we have been able to analyze, is a magnificent device that will perfectly compete with other brands such as Xiaomi as we have explained in our last episode of the Podcasting podcast.

_ What do you think? The same thing happens in other markets of the world?

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