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PUBG Mobile for Android, we analyze one of the phenomena of the year

One of the games, if not the game, of 2017 comes to our mobile devices. It is often said that one is consecrated when they imitate you, and they have "imitated" the game philosophy that this PUBG offers us.

What is PUBG? For those who have been in a cave or do not have an internet connection (I don't know how they will read these lines), we are facing a game that belongs to the so-called Battle Royale. In other words, a game in which everyone fights against everyone and there can only be one left.

Specifically they are 100 player games in which the result will always be 99 losers and one winner. Task that we must perform in a proposal for survival and action that have joined as never before in a video game.

You can download PUBG Mobile from the following link to the Google Play Store. In case it does not appear to download, click on the "Install APK" button to download the installable file from Uptodown.

Playerunknown?s Battlegrounds Mobile

Time after its emergence in computers, and then make its appearance on consoles, it is the turn to mobile device users. Sincerely, to whom I said a few years ago we could enjoy one of the fashion games on computers with a device that fits in our pocket … it was a minimum asylum.

However, crazy things happen, and in recent months we have seen how the Android video game landscape has matured. And here we are, analyzing one of the titles of the moment. However, the shadow of suspicion flies through the environmentwill be up?

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Mobile

The first thing we will do is download the game (remember that at the moment it is not available in Spain) From the Google Play Store. First the base of the game will be downloaded, being approximately 30 MB, and then, once executed for the first time, go to the download of the data.

These game data occupy some 700 MB approximately, so you must take into account two details. Have enough storage and remember to download using the WiFi connection to avoid taking scares.


When thinking that it is a game that has its origins in computers, one fears the worst when transferring the experience to a mobile device. We may receive a decaffeinated title with respect to its original or something that is totally unplayable.

Luckily the game developers have known who to turn to, and for this mobile version they have had the help from the boys of Tencent and Lightspeed & Quantum. So let's see how they have solved the titanic company of transferring a whole computer game to Android.

Once in the main menu we can get an idea that the game is quite faithful to the original. We find almost the same arrangement of elements, except those added that are exclusive to the mobile version.

We enter the graphic settings and we find several options: