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Pixel your mobile with a game inspired by recreational: Hoppenhelm

Hoppenhelm transports you to the 80s on an epic adventure in which you'll drive an exultant knight and a quite frustrating dungeon.

That is the premise of the game that we bring you today: Hoppenhelm A title that stands out for being a love letter to the genre of video games with Pixel Art and with the aesthetics of the 80s in all its essence. Get ready for a trip to the past in which you will remember years of recreation of your childhood.

Hoppenhelm, nostalgia on your mobile

Be a pixelated knight and eighty armor in Hoppenhelm

Hoppenhelm is a very simple game whose only mechanic is to emulate to those old recreational the ones you used to go when you were little. A game that exudes retro style through all its pores, and that adopts the addictive component of the current games of our epic.

Be a pixelated knight and eighty armor in Hoppenhelm

We drive a walking knight who has to go through a dungeon full of enemies. The game, entirely in English and arranged vertically, is based on a control at the bottom of several buttons, which will help us to play and move around Hoppenhelm.

The menu is very simple. We can select a hero as soon as we unlock it and the same with weapons. These sections they are not merely aesthetic; They provide us with properties that will be worth when advancing in the game.

Be a pixelated knight and eighty armor in Hoppenhelm

We will have only two worlds, and our controls will be very simple. We will have a button to attack, a button to access the next box and a button to put our shield. As long as we don't move, The lava below will rise. The key is not to die.

We will have to advance step by step through the dungeon by pressing the button. The longer we take, the more chance we will die. Our standard of living will be measured in hearts that we can lose with obstacles and traps, in addition to enemies.

Be a pixelated knight and eighty armor in Hoppenhelm

This game is an endless run, so our mission will be to collect coins and perform as many steps as possible without being killed. Simple and addictive. A game that perfectly combines contemporary addiction with the playability style of past generations.

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Be a pixelated knight and eighty armor in Hoppenhelm

This game, as we said before, It is a love letter in the style of the 80s. The soundtrack is absolutely classical, and the strident colors and pixelated art make us think instantly of those electronic and chaotic years.