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It seems that the iPhone 5 is delayed until October

When will the next iPhone 5 come out? It is the question that everyone is asking right now in the world of rumors about Apple.

Held the Mobile World Congress 2012, we have serious candidates with Windows Phone and Android to be the most successful terminal of the year, and before this Apple must put the batteries if you want to continue having the world's best selling smartphone.

Some analysts have suggested that the company could launch the iPhone 5 now in June, after WWDC 2012, to make the greatest possible commercial damage to the Samsung Galaxy S III and other wonders that have been presented in recent weeks.

However, with the passing of the days it seems that something unusual has happened. The vast majority of sources agree that the presentation of the next iPhone 5 will be delayed until October, one year after the launch of the 4S.

One of the causes of such delay will be the negotiation they have with Japanese manufacturers to make new screens for the device, which feeds the rumors about an increase in the screen beyond 4 inches.

What do you think? Will we have to wait until October to see the new apple device?

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