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Images of the alleged Back of iPhone 5 are leaked

Today we have been able to see images of what is supposed to be a leak from the back of the next iPhone5. It seems to be made from a single piece of aluminum, in a process similar to the one Apple uses for its laptops.

If true, they will fan the rumors about a terminalfiner yet and with a new connectorwhich will replace the 30-pin. The material will not be the desired liquidmetal, which will surely remain for some other design later.

Another curious thing is that the name that appears on the back is simply, iPhone, so that in the new Apple smartphone you can adapt the trend of the new iPad. We refer to that of not numbering the new versions of each device.

What is not clear from the photos is if the screen increases in size, but by proportions it seems relatively higher than that of the 4S, so s can be reached up to 4 inches diagonally.

The source of the news speaks of improved speakers. What does it mean? Some stereo speakers, or simply better sound quality? It is complicated to get it in such a small size.

What do you think? Do these photos deserve credibility? Will we see the iPhone 5 next June 11 at the Apple conference?

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