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I already have an iPad or an iPad 2 … And now what? (I)

If you have just purchased an iPad or an iPad 2 due to technological tendency, because you see that everyone talks about it, for following fashion or because you really need it since your laptop you see it too cumbersome to take it to the sofa or bed, this is your article.

What can I do with the iPad and iPad 2?

You can really perform almost all the tasks you do with a laptop but more comfortably since its interface is much more intuitive and comfortable than a desktop operating system.

Read the mail, browse, organize your agenda, presentations, notes, watch movies and videos, listen to music, see photos, play.etc s, can be done Virtually everything we do with our laptop.

With the device a series of applications are integrated to do the most daily tasks, but what makes an iPad great, are the applications that we have available to download and make our tablet do more things than we create.

There are people who love to download a lot of applications for iPad 2 from the App Store and try them all, but unfortunately, there are also people with less time and surely appreciate not having to spend hours in forums or blogs of top 10 apps Finding out which program is the best or most versatile to do this or that task. I'm going to name just a couple of programs per category and then I leave your free will to experiment with more alternatives that you can find in the App Store

Let us begin!

But can I really write with the iPad?

Of courseiA Writer is a word processor great. There are even alternative apps for freehand writing as if it were a notebook Penultimate. While recommending the well-known Pages from Apple itself.

Can I watch videos on the iPad?

Of course! The iPad and iPad 2 come with an optimized app to watch YouTube online videos. VideoBrowser can be used to watch videos hosted on Megavideo, VEVO HD to see the latest hits from music videos, Oplayer HD to watch videos divx and similar locally or we can use the application itself that comes with iOS, where synchronizing your videos goes iTunes It is easy to pass them to the tablet.

The million dollar question, if I have videos in formatMkv on my computer can i pass them to the tablety play them on the tablet itself? Yes and no. If you have an iPad 2 with Oplayer It is viable but if you have an iPad 1, the thing is complicated since the Oplayer has a hard time shooting a .mkv so that is advisable to convert it before .mp4 as for example with mkvtools if you have Maco mkvtoolnix if you use Windows

If you still have problems with these utilities, you can use miro video converter, fast and easy, the quality is not the best in the world, but it solves the ballot in seconds without paste.

Another alternative is Air videoinstalling Air video on your Mac / Win you can transmit goes streaming to the iPad or iPad 2 any format without breaks or complications and most importantly, without having to copy the video itself to the device.