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Hunt ghosts like in movies: as is Ghostbuster World

The augmented reality It's nothing new in smartphones, but it's not too popular either. There are games and applications that make use of it, Pokémon Go may be one of the best known. Although yes, the picture will change in the coming months: with Google's commitment to ARCore The developers are in full production of large amount of content. Proof of this is the spectacular Ghostbusters That comes upon us.

Imagine a kind of Pokémon Go in which we change the creatures of Nintendo for the ghosts of the mythical saga of movies Ghostbusters. If you are a fan of the cinema of the 80s, your hair will have bristled: you can hunt ghosts in real life using the smartphone. It looks fabulous: the first video of the game leaves us with long teeth.

Ghostbuster World uses Google Maps and ARCore to hunt ghosts like in movies

Hunting ghosts with mobile is possible: this is Ghostbuster World

Talking about a game that uses augmented reality to give the player the experience of interacting with imaginary creatures instantly brings us to Pokémon Go. Ghostbusters World It offers the same approach, although the capture mechanics are very different: unlike the Pokémon game, in Ghostbusters we have to be much more active. This implies defeating the ghosts, fighting intensely with them and getting them to be captured by the traps.

The game is in a pre Alpha version, but the developers already show their full potential. We must move around the world using Google Maps plans. And, as in Pokémon Go, ghosts will appear with which we must fight to swell our list of ectoplasmic creatures. We will have within our reach all the arsenal that you already know about the movies with the feeling that the experience moves almost intact.

The game video is now available to play. It is a "short gameplay", but it is enough and is left over to anticipate the hours of fun that we will spend playing with him. Here it is.

Google must recover lost time with the development of Tango

Hunting ghosts with mobile is possible: this is Ghostbuster World

ARCore It did not start from scratch since it is still the continuation of Project Tango, but it did mean a complete rethinking since it was necessary to move from devices adapted to the needs to make the experience with augmented reality universal. At the moment Google is complying, although it is late: ARCore is available in a small group of mobiles, all high-end. This means that very few users can try the new augmented reality of Android.

There is still a lot left for us to play with Ghostbuster world and we can realize the childhood dream of becoming Ghostbusters. Hopefully for the launch ARCore has reached more devices: the game looks so good that it can become a new bombshell. As it was at the time Pokémon Go.