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Huawei CEO is photographed with an iPad

first predictions of the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch of 2019

That the iPad is the best tablet that can be purchased today has no discussion. Although Samsung has done really well with the Galaxy Tab S6, the truth is that Apple tablets are so good that virtually no one regrets their purchase.

And well, it seems that even the competition yields to the evidence. This is the case of the CEO of one of the most important companies in the mobile landscape and today is fighting for the market leadership. We talk about Ren Zhengfei, CEO of Huawei who has been photographed in possession of a device that is not your brand and does not carry Android.

Not even the big managers resist the iPad

CEO Huawei iPad

The news will not have much more mystery if it were not because on the one hand we are before the CEO of Huawei and secondly, the relationship between Google (Android) and the Chinese firm is getting worse, to the point that one of its latest devices, the Mate 30, (launched on the market without Google services or applications) ( -mate-30.

As you can see in the picture taken at an airport and which the SCMP medium echoes, Ren Zhengfei uses an iPad as a personal device.

A few months ago Ren himself claimed to be a lover of Apple products, I even admitted to using them in his day despite being the president of one of the companies in the competition. Such is his admiration for these products that on more than one occasion he has come out to defend them publicly. A greater abundance also confirmed that their children love Apple ahead of the Chinese brand. Obviously, for many executives Apple has created a perfect ecosystem with products such as the iPhone, iPad or MacBook itself, so Android should take good note of it.

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Definitely, nobody forces managers and workers of this type of companies to have to use their products. Now, one thing is that and another is to advertise products from competitors' phones, just like Samsung did a while ago.

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