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How to try Chrome's dark mode before anyone else

Google is working in a dark mode for your web browser. Google Chrome already has in its trial version access to the dark mode, and you can already try it. Of course, the experience still leaves much to be desired, something that you should keep in mind.

Chrome's dark mode comes to the trial version

Google Chrome has become the most popular web browser, and for many the experience it offers is more than enough to keep it as a default browser. This browser usually comes preinstalled in its stable version, but it is not the only one we can have.

In addition to Chrome, we have Chrome Beta, where functions arrive before the final version, Chrome Dev for developers, and Chrome Canary. This latest version is the most unstable, an experimental version where news arrives before anywhere else. As we read in 9to5 Google, the dark mode has already reached Chrome Canary, and we can try it.

The first step, of course, is to download the application. But we recommend you continue reading, because there are more steps to follow:

Some considerations you should know

  • Although it works, its execution is worthy of being an experimental function. Some websites will notice that they are read strangely. Hopefully, in the version that reaches Chrome stable it will end up getting corrected.
  • Being only in Chrome Canary, not only will we have the errors of this feature, but we can have other bugs. Remember that it is the most unstable version of Chrome.
  • You can try Chrome Canary without fear of losing the stable Chrome browser. Although they look alike, they are independent applications.

Steps to follow to activate Chrome Canary dark mode

Once this version of Chrome is installed, we will have to open the application. The dark mode is not available in the settings, so we will have to look at the features of the application. In the address box you will have to type chrome: // flags and press next.

We will be in a menu where a lot of settings appear. It is better not to touch anything because they are experimental characteristics. In the search box we can type the word dark, leaving the ability to choose reduced settings to a single mode.

Select this mode and click on Enabled. The browser will invite us to restart to apply the changes, an action that we will have to perform. That's it, you're already testing Chrome's new dark mode before anyone else.