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How to transform your mobile into a Xiaomi: all the options

Xiaomi is one of the most popular brands on Android. With the exception of its models with Android One, the Chinese brand smartphones use MIUI as their personalization layer. Therefore, their devices have a different appearance than other phones. An appearance that many users like and wish they had.

Luckily, it is possible to make any Android smartphone is transformed into a Xiaomi model since there are many applications in the Play Store that allow them. Both various launchers and icon packs as wallpapers with which to achieve this transformation. The options are multiple.


One of the easiest ways to transform the appearance of an Android smartphone is to use a launcher. Therefore, if what is desired is to make the phone look like a Xiaomi model, there are a number of launchers suitable for it. In addition, many of them are available in the Play Store with total normality.


One of the most recent to arrive at the Play Store. It is the launcher that is present in the Pocophone F1, which makes use of a somewhat different version of MIUI, but which has been possible for a few months download on any Android phone from the Play Store. Only Android 5.0 or higher is required to install it.

It is a launcher that users liked very much. It has a clean design, although in some elements you can remember others, such as Nova Launcher. It allows you to organize everything in a very comfortable way, in addition to admitting some customization aspects, such as icon packs.

One of the most interesting functions it has is the search for icons by colors. It is a function that is not active by default, but that allows you to organize apps based on the color of your icon; something that helps to search for a specific app on the phone. Therefore, this type of functions turn POCO Launcher into a Good starting point to begin the transformation of any mobile into a Xiaomi.

MIUI 10 Launcher

A way to look like MIUI 10 On an Android smartphone, anyone is downloading this launcher. Thanks to it, it is possible to have the most recent Xiaomi interface on the phone in a simple way: only a version higher than Android 5.0 is needed. If this requirement is met, the MIUI 10 launcher may be on the phone.

In this launcher you can find the main aspects of MIUI 10. The appearance and interface of this personalization layer are present, it is also given access to a wide selection of wallpapers; so that it looks even more like a Xiaomi smartphone. There are also transition effects that can be seen in MIUI 10. In addition to its appearance, it provides users with the usual MIUI tools.

There are tools to eliminate unnecessary apps and others that warn of tasks that are draining the battery constantly. In addition, a large number of icons are available to users, more than 600; so that the customization of the Android phone is as complete as possible. This launcher can be downloaded for free.

My X Launcher

An old acquaintance who has been in the Play Store for a while now. It is a launcher inspired by MIUI 10, although with a series of clear differences since it allows some additional options that the Xiaomi launcher does not have. Therefore, it is presented as an option of interest in terms of functions. The aesthetics it has is identical to that of MIUI 10, so it will be almost like having the Xiaomi customization layer.

It allows users select the type of icons or wallpaper that you want to use on the device, you can use gesture navigation and even offers the possibility of modifying the behavior of each gesture. It is also allowed to keep hidden applications and password them. Without a doubt, a most interesting launcher.

The download of this launcher in the purest MIUI 10 style on Android is free. It is available only in English, although the English used in it is really basic: it does not present problems at any time. Another way to make an Android smartphone more like a Xiaomi phone.