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How to set widgets in the notification bar of your Android, iOS 9 style


How to set widgets in the notification bar of your Android, iOS 9 style

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December 1, 2015

Snap Android application

Every little detail that we can repair shows again that the flexibility of Android It is a world of possibilities for its users unlike other mobile platforms. While iOS only shows widgets In the notification bar, the Google system lets us opt for its normal location or adopt the Apple format. We show you how to take these to the top panel of the desk.

Although Android had them for many years and that the jailbreak He had found a way to take them to the iDevices unofficially, the Cupertino did not decide to enable widgets in your mobile operating system up iOS 8. However, Apple's desktop concept forced them to vary the formula of their competitors. Having a home screen full of apps made it necessary to find an alternative space, the notification bar.

Snap: download and installation

Snap It is a free app, which with a permission to write about other apps, will offer us the possibility to configure any of our widgets in the panel usually reserved for notifications and quick settings.

The first thing is to download the application. You can do it from this link:

The app was not found in the store

Once installed we must give you the permission we are talking about. Snap will offer us this possibility directly. We just need activate the switch in Android settings as shown in the image below.

Snap Android permissions

Choose widgets position and size

The next thing is to go to the main screen of the app, click on the ?+? button and start adding the add-ons we want (up to 3 for free). Simply touch on any of them and it will be put into operation with its usual dimensions. Snap, however, also offers us the opportunity to vary your grid.

Snap Android add-ons list